Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to write quality articles for a site

That the website presents a passion, a personal website, on a site for a business or an online shop, the best way to attract visitors and interest for their return, is to provide the information they seek.

The problem for a site manager is to have interesting texts in the theme of the site.

But there is textual content and textual content. Write texts in the chain and no interest is a solution that simply trap the user. Ultimately, he will not return to the site. There are sites that have specialized in this type of practice by providing a multitude of texts on topics related to themes in great demand by advertisers. Such sites are called content farms. The texts are written to the chain by editors who can write that the "blah" in incérant frequently in text specific keywords. Content farms are real pollution of the Internet. Only recently, some search engines have removed a large number of sites that specialize in this kind of practice.

This practice is discouraged. It is actually much more profitable in the long term to online texts interesting and unique.

For a good text, there are two solutions: Either write yourself, so find a good editor.

In the second case, the ideal is to find a freelance journalist who wrote an article looking interesting information. Certainly, a text written by a journalist represents a certain cost. But we must see this expense as an advertising budget. All business owners will tell you that a company spends a lot of money trying to find effective advertising systems. Improve the content of a website is the best advertising there is.

However, we can create a website and want to develop it without having a development budget. In this case, it is necessary to work on writing articles to enrich a site yourself.

To draft a quality we must constantly ask some questions:
Is that my text is interesting?
My text he learns things the reader?
My text answers to questions he?
The internet advice he this page to somebody?
The reader he put this page in your favorites?

The best way to create an interesting page of the draft by taking a journalist and imagining a newspaper or magazine you ordered this item. So there is a sponsor who pays you, and a reader who pays to read your text. Many reasons to make real information.

It is possible to write an article relevant to which it is far from being an expert. When a journalist writes an article about a topic, it is not a priori a specialist. The important thing is to know how to search, documentation, knowledge syntheses. This was tedious few years ago has become easy with the Internet provides a wealth of information without leaving home.

Start by building a plan article.
The title and introduction
Then what will be the body of the article:
The historical issues that can arise, problems, news, future, and even your personal opinion.
And finally a conclusion.

The title is important and should be carefully chosen. It is both well represent the topic of the article, but also be attractive, eye-catching look.

For information, the sources are multiple. There are of course online encyclopedias, specialized sites, search engines, but also specialized discussion forums where you can ask questions, and news sites that will know the latest news on the subject,

Do not try to write the article in the day. We can even start several articles and give one or two weeks to complete.

Never copy an existing text. If you find a relevant paragraph, use the information as required by supplementing it, and rewriting the text.

Provide a text or corrective débusquera not only spelling errors, but may also notify you of lack of clarity in the text.

It is very exciting and rewarding to write an article worthy of the name, and you will write, the more you get experience in writing.